How to learn Android to earn 10 thousand salary monthly

My first job

Graduation through the school to find a traditional software company, is to do government software.I am a Java engineer, most of the time during the job is doing debug-style work, and occasionally do some small needs.Every day nine to five days really is school during the already know Android and always wanted to learn.Unfortunately, I did not stick to it in the school , only to learn a little bit of Android, and now regret the late carry on. My heart has been thinking about, this time I must stick to it, so began to learn the road of Android.

Began a three-month self-study road

Before the school self-taught some of the basic knowledge of java, but also through the back of some common interview questions to find a job, but also considered a certain self-learning ability, but the basis of java is not strong, basically from scratch began to learn Andrews, Look at the mars teacher recommended video, mars really talk about very detailed, but also easier to understand, I was from the first quarter to see the third quarter or so, I feel a general understanding of Android.

During the online query the problem when the search for some big cattle blog, I see more of Guo Lin’s blog that time he just wrote a book – “the first line of code”, I did not hesitate to buy Down, so I began to work during the day (and occasionally look at his blog), go home to read the code to write the day, that time my parents and friends to communicate that I want to change jobs, and now the job is not I want, I want not to learn, when parents and friends are also strongly discouraged me, because it is a big company, stable, not very tired, but I know clearly that I will not be too long, I do not want to make a screw in a big company, I want to go to a smaller company to expand my knowledge and technical skills, the first line of code in the comparison of the basis, and there are many solutions, but also taught me to use Git , Had to say great influence on me. I saw two books after the feeling and solid foundation, but I also know that this is far from enough, the company is hard to have a practical experience of the development of the programmer (fresh may be), SO I want to learn some slightly Advanced knowledge, occasionally in a foreign business trip in the process of browsing the forum when I found a certain impact on the programming thinking of cattle people, he summed up his years of experience and thinking mode through the video out, Most of his video is paid, and every one of his videos I want to see , but for the time I was also a small sum of money, I saw him talk about a few free chapters after I decided But I was very sure that I could learn a lot through these videos, he called Stay, taught me a lot of thinking and Thinking, so I am very useful, I still see his video. To the current position, I almost learned for three months, I can not wait to find a job.

Interview job

And finally to find a job time, and I thought first to vote a few look Well, first up some interview experience, remember to go to a lot of company interviews, large companies have cheetah mobile, 58 city, some fast-growing companies such as Move, music power, but also to the law firm interview I was drunk, there are a few I can not remember the name, summed up to see everything I asked my technology I think I answered the bad, not solid ah Not a solid, people asked the actual question when I do not know how to solve, can be described as running around, dejected ah, that time interview for nearly three or three weeks, and a reply are not, I also understand that they have a lot of deficiencies, the lack of reality Experience, to solve the problem of lack of ability, through the interview feedback I also continue to make up, and finally hard work, I found the ideal job, a start-up company, just started, but also the threshold of the interview, give me An effect, let us do two days, this effect:


I was a look at this is  Guo Lin speak of the property animation, well, he helped me, I learned a little bit of his blog with two days plus night more research will finally made a demo , To achieve the effect of the four buttons, my heart is very excited and excited, and then sent to the company to see, feedback is not bad, evaluation I have a certain self-learning ability, and then again the problem, that let the package look, you can set the number and radius of the button , Of course, I was very easy to complete him! My company’s products are Funny, is a very fun photo Editer tools, you can add very sticky stickers and do a lot of cool pictures of the camera, welcome to download! So I started my Android development road, but my heart also know that this is just the beginning!

Began to work overtime the development of the road

The company boss is doing iOS, So ios side of the product progress has been far more than Android side, to the company I am a person doing Android , and ios has Fast progress, I can imagine the progress and can not fall off the new features Of the progress, But I did not have practical experience, so that time I basically every day from 9 am to 10 pm rhythm, and sometimes the function did not finish home to continue, and even time to 5 am ,I kept telling myself, I can!  I met a question of a next, there is no chance of breathing, then I will one by one to solve it, here to thank my classmates, my good buddy, is  a Android engineer, but also I learn Android leader, the weekend when I took him in my house to help me look at the code, usually always ask him questions, and sometimes he did not go home (girlfriend is still home)! At that time the time has been very fast, but also to my skill level constantly improved, to enhance the fastest time is to force their own learning time, is the problem I must solve the mentality! When writing code is sometimes developed in order to complete the function, and my heart is really anxious, do not want to very slow to complete the task, but also because there are many hidden bugs generated so that each update version will have a bug, where I generous The boss is also hard and soft, and sometimes will ask me, but more is to encourage, which gave me a lot of confidence, every day or as much as possible to enhance the technology, constantly sum up, during this period I search the problem when many are Stackoverflow on the people to answer, and this also let the English is not very good I feel very difficult, but also bite the bullet and see, do not read on the investigation, I hope that beginners really do not be afraid of the problem, Slow look, look for a long time to understand, both to enhance the English ability and understand the knowledge, a lot of innovative things are really foreigners put forward! To enhance the ability to solve the problem is the most important, not afraid of difficulties and difficulties are essential for each engineer skills, during which I know github each engineer should have a github account, and write their own The code submitted to the above, I started every day with github above the shopping, a lot of good open source project , such as android-open-project, which a variety of controls inside the realization of various functions, really thank the author’s collection And finishing! , Of course, I also opened my own github account, I will learn these days to share the knowledge, summed up the knowledge I have, here is strongly recommended that beginners should learn their own Record, * write out the feeling is not the same *, this time because the performance of the company can also, up wages, rose to 10 thousand salary, the inner excitement is self-evident, like their own efforts have been affirmed, I really can!

Create the feeling of the code

From the beginning to enter the company has been doing ios already have the function, that white basically imitate, copy the function to the Android above, no packaging, the code is messy, it also let me now have time Refactoring the code before, but recently made a need for me to feel the feeling of creating a code to achieve a vertical and horizontal switchover of the Textview, the specific can see Android TextView horizontal and horizontal switch (word direction unchanged), I wrote this article , There are effects show, github above and other sites above the data are not a good solution and I passed my own analysis to determine their own to write a heart as action, that night to get a little around to complete a Simple demo, the heart has long been surging, this is my own written custom View, before the download from github, this time with their own write! In general, although the custom view to write slowly, need to pay attention to the details of a lot, but after writing out of the feeling is self-evident, a strong package of their own products! Like climb the feeling of the top of the mountain do not have to mention the cool it, wrote here basically summed up a year I am a year of Android engineers mentality and experience, I am not smart, I can only in a period of time Focus on doing one thing, I believe that than I am smart you want to do one thing certainly more than I am easy! Do Android engineers to the present, although the time is not very long, but there are many words to tell you just getting started beginners.

Suggestions for beginners of Android developer

Here I combine my own experience to give you some suggestions, hoping to be inspired by you:

  1. Look at more powerful people’s blog, and must have your own blog, record the knowledge , write your own and let others understand, a lot of benefits, you write to know!
  2. to register a github account of your own, to submit your own code, the benefits are a lot, while looking for a job interview when your blog and github is also useful
  3. to write the code can think of the packaging and decoupling must be done, no matter how long you need, do not sacrifice their own off-day time to package, after the time you will know it’s convenient
  4. strongly recommended to use google search, search accuracy and problem positioning much stronger than the domestic, not on the Google search can not do excellent development, over the wall has become an essential skill! Strongly recommended to do application development friends every day to see google official documents, great benefit
  5. in the development process continue to refactor your own code, reconstruction as early as possible, bug ruins, each re-creation you can benefit from
  6. when you feel your lack of basic knowledge, such as watching others to write the code can not read, there are generic reflection, etc., at this time to return to the foundation, understand the technical principles, it is recommended to see java programming ideas, encapsulated integrated polymorphism And so on basic knowledge, only from the basic technical principles you have one day can write the ultimate scalability of the code
  7. What do you mean by Stay I mentioned here, What, How, Why, why do you want it to do whatever you want to do, how to do it,  why do you do it? With this idea to solve the problem

The above experiences and suggestions hope to inspire and help you!

Article on here, the above is my Android development experience, bit by bit, harvest a lot, I am also a primary Android development engineers, almost a year, after the road is still very long, we work together!


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