How to download video from Dailymotion

Look at this video:

How to download videos from Dailymotion

Look at it on Google play

Downloader For Dailymotion can batch download dailymotion video.Unlike other app, you do not need to copy the url to Downloader For Dailymotion. Downloader For Dailymotion supports bulk download video

How to use(Recommand: Watch the video tutorial above)

1 Click Browse Dailymotion button On the home page

2 Click to play your favorite video and then click the download button in the lower right corner

3 Then download. easy to use.

Note: It’s Very Important. If you want to download a video, be sure to play it in advance by clicking on its play button. This helps us know which video you want to download

* Protect your downloaded video using App lock
* Downloader for Dailymotion is Full background download
* You can search for any or copy url to Downloader for Dailymotion
* Batch video download. After downloading one you can choose to download other favorite videos
* less than 5M
* Multi-task download

other Features:

  • allow you to play video in Downloader For Dailymotion
  • Downloader For Dailymotion download HD video from Dailymotion
  • Search or enter url in address bar to start browsing videos.
  • Live download progress bar for each running download

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