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How to Download Facebook Videos to your Android Phone

How to Download Facebook Videos to your Android Phone. This app can do it

Android drawable detail

Android drawable tips, you do not know the details of the drawable

How to Submit the code to github or gitlab

A tutorial to create a project submitted to github or gitlab

How to use Android Dialog,Toast, Snackbar

Dialog and Toast all certainly not unfamiliar, this we usually use is too much. Snackbar is a new control provided in the Design Support library, some friends may have been used, and some friends may not have to understand. But do you really know when to use Dialog, when should you use Toast, when should I use Snackbar? In this article, we will learn about the timing of the use of the three, in addition to introduce some additional skills.

Android service (2)

In the previous article, we learned about the important aspects of the Android Service, including the basic usage of the Service, the communication between Service and Activity, the way the Service was destroyed, the relationship between Service and Thread, and how to create the front service. The above mentioned knowledge points, basically covered most of the daily development work which may be used to the Service technology. However, there is actually a more high-end on the use of skills did not introduce, that is, the use of remote Service. Use the remote service can even achieve the function of Android cross-process communication, let us look at the following specific.

Android service (1)

Service as one of the four components of Android, in every application plays a very important role. It is mainly used in the background to deal with some time-consuming logic, or to perform some of the tasks that require long-term operation. If necessary, we can even exit the program in the case, so that Service in the background to keep running

Android Custom Camera(2)

Android camera flash mode, square shot, delayed shooting and front and back camera switching function